Hi Readers! Every year on December 1st is World AIDS Day. On this day, we remember those who have died from AIDS, we show up to support those living with HIV and we continue to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. The objective is to end HIV by 2030! To do this the global communityContinue reading “WORLD AIDS DAY – DECEMBER 1st”

October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Hi Readers! October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Therefore, this blog post is to raise awareness about domestic violence.  ***Please note that the use of him/her/theirs is not used to stereotype. Abusers can be male, female, non-binary, etc. This statement is also applicable to the victims.  What is domestic violence? Domestic violence involves a dynamicContinue reading “October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

Talking to children about consent

Hi Readers! Do you like fries? I love fries! I promise this is relevant. Today we are going to talk about consent; more specifically, why it’s important to teach children about consent from a young age. I will give you some tips on how to do it. Consent is when someone is explicitly agreeing (byContinue reading “Talking to children about consent”