How much do you know about counselling and therapy?

Hi Readers!

Since there is some confusion/misunderstanding between counselling and therapy, I’ve prepared a simple guide for you. 

The similarities between counselling and therapy are:
  • Development of a healing, safe and therapeutic relationship between the professional and the individual
  • Effective for children and adults
  • Used to understand a person’s feelings and behaviours
  • Addressing issues with the goal of improving a person’s life

Although there are similarities, there are also some important differences. 

  • Short to medium term process to find solutions for the present problematic situation an individual is experiencing
  • Focused on a specific situation
  • The counsellor provides guidance, support and education to help the person identify and find their own solutions to the problematic situation
  • Long-term process to find solution to a recurring problematic situation
  • Exploring past issues that may be contributing to the present problematic situation
  • Focused on the bigger picture; how patterns of behaviour are affecting the individual’s life 
  • In-depth focus on internal thoughts/feelings leading to personal growth

I hope this has helped you better understand the difference between counselling and therapy.

Be kind to one another

Julia, Sexologist

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